May 20 Report Back at Area Assembly

Conference Reports from various Chairs & Ad Hoc Committees:

General Service Board Chair Report – Jimmy D, SW Regional Trustee

AAWS Board Chair Report – Deb K, General Service Trustee

GV/LV Board Chair Report – Mike L, WC Regional Trustee

Around the Picnic Table Financial Report – Kevin Prior, Class A Trustee & GSB Treasurer

World Service Report – Marita R, Trustee-at-Large US

GV/LV App Progress Report – Chris C, Publisher, GV/LV

Plain Language Big Book Translation Report & Floor Discussion – John W, General Service Trustee

Participation of Online Groups Ad Hoc Committee Report – Trish L, Trustee-at-Large Canada

Location Plus Ad Hoc Committee Report – Carolyn W, General Service Trustee


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