Here it is friends! The list of the 72nd General Service Final Agenda Items to be discussed at the 2022 General Service Conference.

Be a voice in the future of our Fellowship.
Please look them over and select which ones are most important to you.  Background material is expected to be released on or about February 15, 2022.  As this will be a confidential document and not available for posting on the internet, anyone interested in reading it can email a request for a copy.

Help in the selection of those items to be discussed in more detail at the Day of Sharing with the Delegate on March 19th by joining the next Delegate Connection virtual chat on February 28th.  If you can’t make that date, email your preferences by March 1st.  Your input will also help in the creation of the Delegate’s Questionnaire, an important survey that helps your delegate carry an informed conscience to the Conference.