Thank you to all those who attended the 2023 Delegate’s Day of Sharing and a special thanks to Districts 4, 8, & 14 for hosting.

Much gratitude to those DCMs, Alt DCMs and GSRs that stepped up to help present the items and facilitate the breakout sessions.

The Delegate’s Questionnaire can be filled out on line by clicking the link provided here.  Don’t forget to request access to the background material before starting the questionnaire so that you have all the information needed to make informed answers.  I look forward to reading them all.

If you do not wish to take it on line, you may request a printable PDF to fill out and mail in by writing or reaching out to your local DCM for assistance.

I am also including here, links to the 2 presentations given at the Day of Sharing.

What is Delegate’s Day of Sharing?

Plain Language Big Book – process and progress

Thank you

Tammie E

Area 48, Panel 72 Delegate

GV/LV Conference Committee

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