As previously discussed, due to global supply chain shortages (i.e., paper, ink, etc.) during November and December, several people were discouraged to learn that several products were unavailable, most notably, the book “Prayer and Meditation.” Therefore, now that we’ve restocked our shelves, AA Grapevine will renew its offer of Free Shipping on all products during February 2022.

Other “Tidbits” Include:

Month Grapevine Issue

February: Getting Through Tough Times
March: Emotional Sobriety

La Viña Issue

Jan/Feb: Acceptance
Mar/April: Newcomer issue

New Grapevine Books Due for Release

In April, just in time for the General Service Conference, “Fun in Sobriety” is due to be released.
In the Fall, a new La Viña book is currently under development, as well.

Carry the Message Program:

All of the Carry the Message subscriptions have been allocated to our AA Members “In Custody” (i.e., Behind the Walls). If you’d like to know more about the CTM program, see the attached.

Overseas Opportunities:

AA Grapevine will be helping Great Britain celebrate its 75th AA Anniversary in 2022.
AA Grapevine will also be helping South Africa celebrate its 75th AA Anniversary in 2022.