Meet your Area 48 Delegate

Hello and thank you for trusting me to be your trusted servant

My name is Tammie and I have the privilege to serve as Area 48’s Panel 72 Delegate.  

As your Panel 72 Delegate, my Committee Assignment for the next 2 years is Grapevine & LaVina


What is a Delegate?

Since 1951, when Bill W & Dr Bob turned over final responsibility and ultimate authority for AA World Services to the collective conscience of The Fellowship as a whole, area delegates have been elected to participate as trusted servants at the General Service Conference and in all aspects of the Conference Structure throughout the year.  It is a two-year commitment and in keeping with the spirit of rotation it is strongly recommended that a delegate serve only one single term.

What is a Panel?

Every year, since 1951 a slate or panel of delegates are elected to serve a two-year term.  There are currently 93 delegates across the US & Canada.  Approximately ½ are elected in odd years and the rest in even.  Area 48 is an even year panel.  

What is a Committee Assignment?

The General Service Conference is divided into 13 conference committees.  Every delegate is assigned to at least one committee.  Every agenda item that is brought to the Conference is assigned to one of those 13 committees as well.  The committee discusses, explores and weighs the feasibility of the assigned agenda items and brings forward recommendations regarding those items to the Conference.  

What does all this mean?  

For 2022-2023 I will be attending the General Service Conference and will be active in Conference affairs throughout the year.  This is where decisions are made and issues are addressed that affect AA as a whole.  

Some recent examples (from last year’s conference) would be:

  • The change of the wording of the Preamble from “men and women” to “people”
  • The decision to move forward with a Plain Language Big Book
  • The decision to print a 5th Edition Big Book
  • Updates to the Twelve & Twelve that will remove offensive language like “lustful enough to rape”

I invite you to join me for The Delegate Connection on the last Monday of every month at 7pm.  During this informal information exchange, I will provide updated information on what is happening at the General Service Office, what agenda items may be addressed at the Conference and what news or other information you, your group, or your district needs to know about.