Interested in serving on the AAGV Board?  Here’s your chance!!

AA Grapevine’s Corporate Board has started a search to fill a vacancy for one non-trustee director on the slate at the 2024 General Service Conference. Interested A.A. members are encouraged to submit a résumé. Basic qualifications for this position are: a minimum of seven years of continuous sobriety with a working knowledge of the A.A. service structure and familiarity with The A.A. Service Manual; ability to work with diverse teams in a group conscience setting; experience serving on boards of directors (nonprofit experience is most helpful); knowledge of organizational strategic planning, problem solving and implementation of change; experience with organizational management and finances; and familiarity and experience with management, legal, publishing, content production, web/app development, e-commerce and experience with new communication technologies and methodologies. The time commitment required is significant and includes availability to attend four planning meetings of the AA Grapevine Board, as well as attendance at three General Service Board weekends, which include quarterly AA Grapevine Board meetings and meetings of trustees’ committees (to which corporate board directors are appointed). Trustees’ committees may also include conference calls between in-person meetings. In addition, directors attend the General Service Conference for one week in April and may be called upon to represent AA Grapevine at Regional Forums or other A.A. functions. In seeking applications for all vacancies in A.A., the Fellowship is committed to creating a large applicant file of qualified persons, which
reflects the inclusiveness and diversity of Alcoholics Anonymous. Completed résumés should be submitted by September 15, 2023.

Click here for more information and a link to the resume form.


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